Thursday, April 17, 2008

SOUND Magazine

a music magazine design for editorial graphic in school.
I created the name SOUND and the nameplate's shaped like CDs with a play button in the end.


photography by me on Desmark Office Furnitures

the projects I made for Desmark Office Furnitures, including photography, catalogue design, brochure and booklet designs.

Thursday, April 10, 2008


invitaion for launching the new Absolue Bx

booklet for Absolue Bx

another invitations, fliers and mailers

Projects I made while in internship with L'Oreal company

Tuesday, January 8, 2008


posters for event Safari @venture 2007

flier for event Safari @venture 2007


Yoges logo

Yoges--shortened of Young Generations of Sambodhi is a community of youth in Sambodhi temple.
i do most of the projects from the logo, flier, event posters, etc


Every piece was made using pencil and pencil colors.


every piece is drawn using pencil colors.
i love pencil colors!!


Hanging banner for Rinso

Another project i made for Rinso when i was doing an internship in LOWE Advertising.

Indonesian Craft Fair 2007

Another school project:
Shopping bag design for Indonesian Craft Fair 2007

As the shopping bag was for holding craft, i covered the interior of the bag with batik clothes so that the craft wouldn't be scratched. For the illustrations i used the basic motif of another batik cloth. The bag and the illustration is manually made by me.


drop banner for Domestos

gondola for Domestos

floor display for Domestos

I made these projects of Domestos when i was doing an internship in LOWE Advertising

Brukary Bar

One of the school project:
Brukary Bar Menu and Business Card
Using the Brukary font made by me