Tuesday, January 8, 2008


posters for event Safari @venture 2007

flier for event Safari @venture 2007


Yoges logo

Yoges--shortened of Young Generations of Sambodhi is a community of youth in Sambodhi temple.
i do most of the projects from the logo, flier, event posters, etc


Every piece was made using pencil and pencil colors.


every piece is drawn using pencil colors.
i love pencil colors!!


Hanging banner for Rinso

Another project i made for Rinso when i was doing an internship in LOWE Advertising.

Indonesian Craft Fair 2007

Another school project:
Shopping bag design for Indonesian Craft Fair 2007

As the shopping bag was for holding craft, i covered the interior of the bag with batik clothes so that the craft wouldn't be scratched. For the illustrations i used the basic motif of another batik cloth. The bag and the illustration is manually made by me.


drop banner for Domestos

gondola for Domestos

floor display for Domestos

I made these projects of Domestos when i was doing an internship in LOWE Advertising

Brukary Bar

One of the school project:
Brukary Bar Menu and Business Card
Using the Brukary font made by me

Calendar LOWE

The Calendar page i made for LOWE, i visualized the words given by the art director.

Culture Festival

This is one of the logos i made for Culture Festival planned to be held in UPH, sadly i lost all the other logos i made.


Shelf vision face and back for Pepsodent

shelf banner for Pepsodent

A project I did for Pepsodent when I was doing my internship in LOWE Advertising.


print ad for Rexona

web page for Rexona

These are the projects for Rexona I did while being an intern in LOWE Advertising.

Campaign: Mari Mendongeng

Another school project:

Social Campaign: Read Story for Your Children
This is a serie of posters for a social campaign targetting on parents who are too busy to spend time with their children, even to read stories. There are facts about positive impacts you can get by reading to your children, represents by those 3 posters:

1. by reading, you can have a closer relationship with your children
2. by reading, you can trigger your children's interest to read too
3. by reading, you can explore your children's imagination and creative mind


newest logo of Coo.....Kiss

print ads for Coo.....Kiss

illustrations for Coo.....Kiss products

Coo.....Kiss booklet

Coo.....Kiss made delightful cookies, cake, chocolate, etc.

There are many applications I made for this project. Including making illustrations, product shot, stickers, etc.

Type Conference 2006

poster for Type Conference'06

brochure for Type Conference'06
Another school project:
Poster and brochure for Type Conference 2006
The Type Conference was a conference about typography and inviting several top designers all over the world. I used Neville Brody's style for this project.